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List of MTN Cheapest Data Plans, Prices, and SMS Activation Codes

I am so excited to share with you the full list of MTN cheapest data plans 2023, their prices and, subscription codes.

In this century of non-stop connectivity, having the right data plan is like having the keys to the digital kingdom. I remember when I scrambled for any available Wi-Fi spot to save precious data.

But today, I’ve got something exciting to share. You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re searching for the cheapest MTN data plans and bundles. I’ve been through my fair share of data plan dilemmas and had moments of “Where’s the nearest Wi-Fi?”.

You should check out the full list of all MTN data plans and bundles with prices for daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions. MTN has enabled subscribers to enjoy the cheapest daily, weekly, and monthly data plans. Imagine buying a 1gig data plan for N300 on an MTN 4G network.

As a long-time MTN network subscriber, I’ve enjoyed some of its cheap data plans, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, and you can too. That’s why I’ve curated a complete list of the cheapest MTN data plans you can benefit from.

MTN Cheapest Data Plans

This list will be segmented into the cheapest daily plans, cheapest weekly plans, cheapest monthly goals, and other vital details that interest you.

List of Cheapest MTN Data Plans and Bundles

Below are some of the most affordable data plans and Bundles on the MTN network:

Daily Plans

These packages are the most popular among many Nigerians. The offer is valid for 24 hours. Check out some of the cheap MTN data and their SMS activation codes below:

PriceDaily Data VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦5040 MBText 114 to 131
₦60Always On DataText 160 to 131
₦100100 MBText 104 to 131
₦3501 GB155 to 131

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2-Day Plans

These package below lasts for two days.

PriceData VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦2002 GIGText 154 to 131
₦5002.5 GIGText 154 to 131 (available on myMTN NG app)

3-Day Plans

MTN offers one bundle plan under this category lasting for three days. The 200 MB is available for N300. You can purchase it by texting 113 to 131.

Weekly Plans

Talk about the MTN cheapest data plans and you’ll find weekly bundles at the forefront. This is yet another exciting package you can subscribe to. They are cheap and affordable, and I have benefited from them.

PriceWeekly Data VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦120450 MB (Always On Data)Text 161 to 131
₦300350 MB + 350 MB for YouTubeText 102 to 131
₦500750 MB + 1 GB for YouTubeText 103 to 131
₦500750 MB + 1 Hour YouTube DailyText 750 to 131
₦5001 GB + 1 GB for YouTubeText 142 to 131
₦1,0002GB + 2 GB for YouTubeText 142 to 131

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Monthly Plans

Monthly MTN Cheapest Data Plans:

PriceMonthly Data VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦1,0001.5 GB + 2 GB for YouTubeText 106 to 131
₦1,2002 GB + 3-hour (600 MB) for YouTubeText 130 to 131
₦1,5003 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 131 to 131
₦2,0004.5 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 110 to 131
₦2,5006 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 147 to 131
₦3,00010 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 148 to 131
₦3,000Always-On Data 15 GBText 162 to 131
₦3,50012 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 107 to 131
₦5,00020 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 116 to 131
₦6,000Always-On Data 45 GB (1.5 GB daily allocation) Text 163 to 131
₦10,00040 GBText 117 to 131
₦15,00075 GBText 150 to 131
₦20,000120 GBText 149 to 131
₦30,000200 GBText 111 to 132

2-Monthly Plans

These affordable data plans last for two months.

Price2 Months Data VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦8,00030 GIGText 119 to 131
₦20,000100 GIGText 118 to 131
₦30,000160 GIGText 138 to 131

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3-Monthly Plans

If you want a bundle that will last much longer. Here are the 3 months MTN Cheapest Data Plans:

Price3 Months Data VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦50,000400 GIGText 133 to 131
₦75,000600 GIGText 134 to 131


Yearly Plans

The telecommunication firm revamped its data bundles with the yearly data package to suit client needs.

PriceYearly Data VolumeSMS Activation Code
₦100,0001 TBText 135 to 131
₦200,0002.5 TBText 136 to 131
₦500,0004.5 TBText 137 to 131

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Best MTN Tariff Plans

Let’s break down the best MTN tariff plans for data into bite-sized bits for you:

MTN Pulse

If you’re all about scoring affordable data and calls without making your wallet weep, MTN Pulse is the one to consider. Here’s the lowdown on what you get:

  • Enjoy calls to all local networks at a flat rate of 11.26k/sec after spending just N24.30 daily.
  • Snag special data bundles: 750MB for N300 (valid for three days) and 1.5GB for N500 (lasting a week).
  • Rack up Pulse points that can be exchanged for free data.
  • Get exclusive data packages for Instagram, TikTok & YouTube: 350MB for N100 and 1GB for N200.
  • Locking the Campus Zone Offer gives you a 100% data bonus for every 100MB, 150MB, or 200MB used in higher institutions across Nigeria.

MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

This plan is a winner if you’re after data and airtime bonuses. It offers two flavors: XtraTalk Tariff Plan and XtraData bundles.

For XtraTalk Tariff Plan, you get:

  • The freedom to stay connected without the wallet strain.
  • Bonus airtime credit for affordable calls.
  • The flexibility to call both nationally and internationally to selected destinations.

These options allow you to tailor your MTN tariff plan to your data and call needs. Now, that’s what I call a data plan tailor-made for you!

XtraTalk packages (within Nigeria)

  • N200. 20 MB + 1000 (voice) Text V200 to 131. 3 days
  • N300 50 MB + 1500 (voice). Text V300 to 131. 7 days
  • N500 100 MB + 2500 (voice). Text V500 to 131. 7 days
  • N1000. 300 MB + 5000 (voice). Text V1000 to 131. 30 days

XtraData Tariff Plan

This tariff plan gives you more data than airtime. For customers desiring local data packages (within Nigeria):

  • N200 200 (voice) + 200 MB. Text D200 to 131. 3 days
  • N300. 300 (voice) + 350 MB. Text D300 to 131. 7 days
  • N500. 500 (voice) + 750 MB Text D500 to 131. 14 days
  • N1000 1000 (voice) + 1.5 GB Text D100 to 131. 30 days

FAQ About Cheapest MTN Data Plans

The following are quick facts about the cheapest MTN data plans:

How to Get 30GB on MTN?

To acquire 30GB of data on MTN, purchase the MTN MiFi bundled with a new SIM card from an MTN store or partner store. Insert the newly registered SIM into the MiFi device, power it on, and receive 30GB of data. Notifications will confirm the successful SIM registration.

How Can I Migrate to MTN YafunYafun Plan?

To switch to the MTN YafunYafun plan, you must first buy a new SIM card, complete the registration process, and activate it. Then, from the USSD Menu, select the MTN YafunYafun tariff plan. 

You will be automatically migrated to the YafunYafun plan if you don’t choose a tariff plan. That’s how I was able to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun plan to enjoy some of the best offers it has. 

How Much Does MTN 7GB Cost?

The MTN 7GB Weekly Bundle is available for just N1,800 and remains valid for 7 days.

What’s the Price of 5GB Data on MTN?

You can get a 5GB monthly data bundle on MTN for ₦1,500.

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MTN Cheapest Data Plans (Summary)

MTN offers a range of affordable data plans to cater to various data needs of its customers. Whether you need a short-term data boost, a weekly plan, or a monthly package, MTN’s data offerings provide flexibility and value.

By choosing the right plan, subscribers can stay connected, browse the internet, and enjoy the benefits of a reliable network without breaking the bank. With MTN’s competitive data plans, staying connected has never been more accessible and budget-friendly.

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