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So, let me explain how to load Glo data in few easy steps in this article.

One of Nigeria’s largest telecom companies is Globacom Limited, or Glo. It provides many goods and services, such as broadband services, business solutions, and prepaid and postpaid mobile plans. Discover the code to load glo cards, airtime, and more. 

Additionally, Glo provides its customers with various bonuses and promotional offers that can be accessed using specific codes or calling particular numbers.

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By being aware of this, you can maintain contact and get the most from your Glo subscription. This article will concentrate on Glo airtime, data, card recharging, and using various codes and shortcuts to maximize your subscription. 

How to Load Glo Data Via Card

Want to know how to load data on Glo? It is easy.

The code to load Glo card in Nigeria is *123#. To recharge glo data directly, simply dial *123*RechargeDigit#. Once you have done so, the amount recharged will be credited to your data balance by the network.

By sending the shortcode *123*RechargeDigit# and waiting for a response, you can learn how to load a Glo card. 

These recharge cards typically have a 15-digit PIN. It needs to be gently revealed by scratching the back. Make sure not to harm the card. 

how to load Glo data

How to Recharge Glo Card from Your Bank 

On your quest to finding information on how to load Glo data, you should know that your bank is a great alternative if you don’t have access to recharge cards in your area or feel you need more confidence to buy one from a local Glocard vendor. Each bank has a specific set of USSD codes for various services.

The *805# option is even simpler. This will allow you to recharge using your bank account or a code. If you use any of the following banks, you have the choice of recharging glo number card: 

  • Access Bank 
  • Access Diamond 
  • FCMB 
  • Fidelity Bank 
  • Jaiz Bank 
  • Heritage Bank 
  • Keystone Bank 
  • Skye Bank 
  • Stanbic 
  • UBA 
  • Union Bank 
  • Unity Bank 
  • Zenith Bank 
  • Eco Bank
  • First Bank

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How to Subscribe to Glo Data 

The prices for Glo data plans are among the lowest available. Every smartphone user, regardless of whether they use an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or another device, can choose from various Glo data plans. These packages cover a variety of requirements. 

  • Glo 100 Naira data plan 

You can subscribe to the following for just 100 Naira: 

100 Naira gets you 100MB of data with the campus data booster for two days. All you have to do is select one of the plans by dialing *777#. Dial *127*51# to get a daily plan for just 100 Naira, or choose the daily option from *777#.

Dial *777# for a one-day, special plan with 1GB of data available from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. 

  • Glo 500 Naira data plan 

You can sign up for any of the following bundles with 500 Naira: 

  • Enjoy the 3GB of data for the 500 Naira TGIF weekend plan, which is only available on weekends. To subscribe, enter *127*61#. 
  • By dialing *127*57# or *777# and selecting the weekly plans, you can get 1.8GB of data for two weeks for just 500 Naira. 
  • The 500 Naira two-day data plan offers 2GB of data, and it can be selected by dialing *777# and choosing special plans. 

The campus data booster 500 Naira plan provides 500MB of valid data for seven days. Simply dial *777# to select a plan. 

  • Glo 1000 Naira data plan 

You can buy the following with 1000 Naira: How to refuel your Glo data. Glo offers a data plan with 3.9GB of usage for 30 days. 

You can subscribe by dialing *127*53# or *777# and choosing the monthly plan option. 

The network additionally offers a 15-day, 1GB campus booster plan. Select the desired subscription plan by dialing *777#.  

  • Glo 2,000 Naira Plan. 

For 2,000 Naira, you can get the following benefits: 9.2GB of always-available data for 30 days. Simply dial *127*55# or *777# and choose the 2000 Naira monthly data plan to get it. 

  • Glo 2,500 Naira data plan

Glo offers a remarkable 10.8GB data plan valid for 30 days that is available for your convenience around the clock for an unbelievable value of 2,500 Naira.

You can get to this by dialing *777# or *127*58#. Smartphone users will find that this plan offers exceptional value for their money as they get an additional 1.6GB of data for just 500 Naira.

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  • Glo 3,000 Naira data plan 

Simply dial *127*54# or *777# to choose Glo’s 3,000 Naira monthly data plan to get 14GB of data for the entire month. 

  • Glo night plan 

The 200 Naira night plan includes 1GB of data. Simply dial *127*60# to sign up. 

  • Glo weekly data plans 

Glo offers An unbeatable data plan: 1.8GB, 24 hours a day, for 14 days. Simply dial *777# to register, then choose a special plan to join. Additionally, they provide 7GB for seven days for 1500 Naira. 

  • Glo monthly data plans 

Glo offers monthly data plans. Simply dial *777# and choose the monthly data plan of your choice to sign up for any of the plans. 


Certainly! Here are five frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the topic “How to Load Glo Data (Code To Load Glo Card)” along with their answers:

1: What is the USSD code to load Glo data?

Answer: To load Glo data using a USSD code, dial *127*Recharge Card PIN# and press the call button. For example, if your recharge card PIN is 123456789012, you would dial *127*123456789012# and press call.

2: Can I load Glo data online or through the Glo website?

Answer: You can load Glo data online by visiting the official Glo website or using the Glo Café app. Simply log in to your account, select the data plan you want, and complete the payment process.

3: How do I check my Glo data balance after loading data?

Answer: To check your Glo data balance, dial *127*0# and press the call button. Glo will send you a message with your remaining data balance.

4: What do I do if I mistakenly enter the wrong PIN while loading Glo data?

If you enter the wrong PIN while loading Glo data, check the PIN carefully and try again. Be sure to enter the correct 15-digit PIN from your recharge card. If you continue to face issues, contact Glo customer care for assistance.

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5: Is sharing or transferring Glo data to another Glo subscriber possible?

Answer: You can share or transfer Glo data to another Glo subscriber using the Glo data gifting service. Dial *127*Data Plan Code*Recipient’s Number# to send data to someone. For example, if you want to send 1GB of data to a friend with the number 08012345678, you would dial *127*53*08012345678#.

So, there you go. We have covered how to subscribe for Glo data in different ways. Let us know what you think.

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