How to Check MTN Credit Balance


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How to Check MTN Credit Balance

Keeping track of your credit balance is as essential as charging your phone, especially if you need to make calls to others. MTN, one of the popular mobile network providers with millions of customers, has a simple way subscribers can check their credit balance. 

In this article, we shall guide you on the steps to check your credit balance using the USSD code, the app, and the SMS. We will also list some common issues you may encounter while checking your balance and how to resolve them. 

So, if you are an MTN subscriber, continue reading to learn how to check your balance so as never to run out of airtime. Let’s get right into it!

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How to Check Credit Balance on MTN

There are many ways MTN customers can check their account balance on their device; the options include the mobile app, SMS, and the USSD code. You can choose the most convenient for you, as these options have advantages. Here are steps on how to check your credit balance using each of the codes:

Check Balance on MTN Mobile App

The MTN Mobile app is one of the convenient ways of checking your credit and data balance, managing your account, and carrying out other transactions. However, this method requires you to have an active data bundle on your device. 

To check your credit balance using the MTN mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Download the app on the Google Play Store or iOS store, install it, and sign up. 
  • Log in to the app and type in your mobile number and password. 
  • Your credit and data balance are displayed on the dashboard. You can choose to recharge your phone by clicking on the “Recharge” button or the “Buy Bundle” to buy data.

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Check Credit Balance With USSD Code

In 2023, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) directed all mobile network operators (MNOs) to change their previous USSD codes for providing services to the approved harmonized shortcodes (HSC). This directive changed the last MTN Nigeria USSD code from *556# to *310#. 

The USSD code is the fastest and most convenient way of checking your MTN credit balance, and this method does not require data or airtime. 

To check your MTN credit balance:

  • Dial *310# and wait for an instant response from MTN displaying your credit balance. This message takes less than 5 seconds. MTN also sends an SMS showing your credit and bonus or points.


For times when you do not have data to access the mobile app or prefer not to use the USSD code option, you can request the balance through an SMS.

To check your MTN credit balance, use the SMS option:

  • Open the messaging app on your device, and be sure your device uses the MTN mobile network.
  • Click “Start Chat” or “Compose New Message,” depending on your phone.
  • Type “BAL” in the message body.
  • Send the message to 131
  • MTN will send a reply in a few seconds; the response will show your credit balance, data balance, and other balances. 

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Common Issues You May Face When Checking your MTN Credit Balance

Sometimes, users face common issues while trying to check their credit balance. These issues can make it difficult or frustrating to carry out this straightforward process. Here are some issues you may encounter and their possible solutions:

Insufficient Balance

You must have an active data bundle or airtime on your device to access the mobile app or check your credit balance using the SMS option. If you are unable to check your credit balance, it may be caused by insufficient balance. 

You can top up your credit balance by buying airtime or transferring from another MTN number; you can top up your data balance by buying data bundles.

Slow Network

Slow network is the most common issue users face when trying to check their MTN credit balance. If you are unable to access the internet or connect to the network, then you may find it challenging to check your credit balance. 

You can salvage the situation by trying to move to another area with better network coverage or wait till the network becomes stable. 

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Deactivated Account or Account not yet activated

It is possible for new MTN users to have an account that may not have been activated. In this situation, you cannot check your credit balance or carry out transactions on your line as you need to activate the account first. 

To activate your MTN account, contact customer care support or follow the instructions on the SIM pack. 

Incorrect USSD Code

Entering an incorrect or invalid USSD code is another issue you may face when trying to check your credit balance. If you are finding it difficult to check your credit balance using the USSD code, recheck the code and be sure it is correct. For help or guidance, you can contact customer care or visit the official MTN website.

Other MTN USSD Codes and their Functions

  • Recharge credit – *311#
  • Buy data and other data services – *312#
  • Transfer airtime – *321#
  • Borrow airtime and data – *303#
  • Stop service – *305#
  • Call center – 300
  • SIM verification, registration, and NIN/SMS linkage – *996#

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How to Check Credit Balance on MTN (Summary) 

Checking your MTN credit balance is very easy, and there are many methods available. With the methods above, you can quickly check your credit balance, buy airtime and data, manage your account, and carry out other transactions. 

It is essential to check your credit balance from time to time so as to stay connected to your loved ones. 

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