How to Check Bonus on Glo (Glo Bonus Code)


How to Check Bonus On Glo - 2 Methods

Do you want to know how to check bonus on GLO network, and your data balance? The well-known telecommunications provider in Nigeria, GLO Nigeria is renowned for its generous bonuses and affordable data plans. This article describes how to view the Glo Bonus balance.

By regularly updating your balance to a specific amount and renewing the subscription for the following period, you can take advantage of fantastic Glo subscriptions and save money. One advantage of such frequent updates is bonuses or free airtime, which Nigerians can use for calls, text messages, and occasionally web browsing.

How To Check Airtime Bonus On Glo?

It should be easy for Globacom Nigeria subscribers to check their balance, bonuses, and data package type. Just as it is easy to check your BVN on Glo network, there are different methods on how to check glo airtime bonus.

Method 1: Through USSD Code

You can find out information about your bonuses and their expiration date by dialing 122#. This includes all of your bonuses, both local and foreign to Nigeria.

  • Dial *127*0# to check all remaining data balances on your Glo line.
  • Dial *230*1# to check Glo BEREKE++ or Glo Yakata bonus balances.
  • Dial *122*30# to see your Glo 4X bonus balance.
  • Dial *555*5# to see your Glo 5X bonus balance.
  • Dial *122# to see your Glo 22X bonus balance.
  • Dial *777# to go into the Glo self-care page.

Method 2: Check Balance Via SMS

A great way to check your bonuses and balance is as follows:

  • On your smartphone, start a new text message. Type “INFO”  all in caps.
  • Send this text to the short 3-digit number 127 as the recipient.
  • Await the response. You’ll get a text message with information on your balance, expiration date, and other specifics.

By visiting the official Glo website,, and reviewing your data plan along with the additional free call or data options, you can learn more about bonuses you can enjoy when you upgrade your data plan.

One advantage of such frequent updates is bonuses or free airtime, which Nigerians can use for calls, text messages, and occasionally web browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the commonly asked questions about how to check bonus on Glo network.

How Can I View My Glo Data Balance?

After discussing how to check the Glo data balance, you should check out our post on code to check glo airtime balance.

How To Check Glo Data Balance Online?

You can check your GLO data balance online like you can check your GLO bonus. Visit the Glo HSI portal and fill out all the required information to accomplish this.

How To Check Glo Balance Data Via USSD?

Glo offers the USSD code option daily and every day of the week. Dial *127*0# to access your data balance via USSD, and an offer-filled pop-up message will appear on the data balance screen. 

How To Check Glo Data Balance Via SMS

How can I use SMS to check my Glo data balance? These straightforward steps can be used to check your Glo Data Balance via SMS.

You can get a text message with your data balance by texting INFO to 127.

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How to Check Bonus on Glo Net Work (Summary)

In conclusion, staying informed about your Glo bonus balance is essential for maximizing the benefits of your mobile plan. Using the Glo bonus code, you can conveniently check your bonus balance anytime. This simple process ensures you’re always aware of the bonuses available: data, airtime, or other exciting rewards.

Remember that Glo frequently updates its bonus offers and codes. Hence, keeping yourself updated with the latest information from the official Glo website or customer service is a good practice. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the full advantages of your Glo subscription.

With the knowledge gained from this guide, you can now confidently check your Glo bonus balance and make the most of the bonuses that come with your subscription. So, explore the benefits of staying connected with Glo while watching your bonus rewards. Happy browsing and calling with your Glo subscription!

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