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How to Buy Telkom Data in 5 Different Ways Explained

Are you interested in knowing how to buy Telkom data? Read on to discover the steps you must follow to purchase Telkom data successfully. 

Acquiring Telkom data is fundamental to ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and access to online resources. Telkom, a prominent telecommunications provider, offers a variety of data packages to cater to diverse user needs. You should check out our list of the top 10 best telecommunications companies in South Africa.

Telkom data boasts cost-effectiveness and stands out as a leader in competitive data bundle pricing and packages, rivaling the established giants MTN and Vodacom in performance. 

Furthermore, accessing your emails through the free Telkom webmail login application is straightforward. Telkom data is a top choice for affordability and accessibility in South Africa telecom.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricacies of purchasing Telkom data with precision and ease. Whether you are a new

Telkom subscriber or seeking to recharge your existing data plan, you will gain valuable insights into the step-by-step process of acquiring Telkom data efficiently. We will also discuss the various ways you can buy Telkom data.

How to buy Telkom Data

How to Buy Telkom Data – 5 Easy Ways

There are five different ways you can purchase Telkom data, namely:

  • Through Telkom App
  • Through online ( Telkom website)
  • Through USSD code
  • Through your bank
  • Through Airtime Transfer

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these ways. 

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Through Telkom App

To conveniently purchase data using the Telkom Mobile app, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Download the App: The Telkom Mobile app is available on both the Play Store and the App Store.
  • Log In: After downloading, complete the registration process and log in to the app.
  • Access Data Options: Navigate to the menu and select “Load Data.”
  • Select a Data Plan: Choose your preferred data plan from the available options.
  • Specify Quantity: Indicate the number of internet bundles you wish to acquire.
  • Payment: Proceed to make the payment. Upon completion, the data will be swiftly credited to your mobile line.

This user-friendly process allows you to effortlessly purchase Telkom data through the convenience of the mobile app.

Through Telkom Website Online

Purchasing data online with Telkom Mobile is a streamlined process highlighting why Telkom stands out as a market leader in South African broadband. Their commitment to user convenience and budget-friendly data offerings set them apart from the competition. To buy Telkom data online, adhere to these straightforward steps:

  • Begin by visiting the Telkom Mobile self-service portal online through their official website
  • Log In or Register: Log in using your existing credentials or, if you still need to register, complete the registration process.
  • Initiate Data Purchase: Once logged in, direct your attention to the upper right-hand corner of the portal.
  • Select “Load Data”: Locate and select the ‘Load Data’ option to proceed with your data purchase.
  • Follow Prompts: Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to select and purchase your preferred data bundles.

This hassle-free method empowers you to swiftly acquire Telkom data online, enhancing your connectivity experience with ease and efficiency. Telkom’s commitment to user-friendly services and competitive data packages continues to make it a preferred choice among consumers. 

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Through USSD Code

To purchase Telkom data bundles swiftly through USSD codes, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Dial *180# on your mobile device.

Step 2: Choose the relevant category based on your preference:

  • Option 1 for Promo Bundles
  • Option 3 for LTE Bundles
  • Option 4 for General Bundles

Step 3: Depending on your choice in the previous step, you will encounter various options, including Flexon, FreeMe Bundles, Chat Bundle, Social Bundle, Data Bundle, TikTok, Voice Bundle, and more.

Step 4: Select “Data Bundle” by choosing Option 5 from the menu.

Step 5: Now, from the available data bundles, pick the one that suits your needs, and you’re all set to enjoy your Telkom data.

This efficient process allows you to conveniently purchase Telkom data bundles using USSD codes, ensuring you stay connected easily. Telkom’s range of options and user-friendly methods make it a top choice for data consumers in South Africa.

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Through your bank

To effortlessly purchase Telkom data bundles through your mobile banking app, follow these clear-cut steps:

  • Access Your Mobile Banking App: Launch your mobile banking app and log in securely.
  • Select “Buy Airtime” Option: Within the app, locate and select the option to purchase airtime.
  • Choose Telkom as the Provider: Click on Telkom as your preferred service provider.
  • Enter Phone Number: Input the phone number for which you wish to purchase Telkom data bundles, whether it’s your own or for someone else.
  • Specify Data Budget: Indicate the desired budget for your internet bundles.
  • Enter Bank PIN and Confirm: For security purposes, enter your bank PIN and then proceed to send the request to complete the transaction.
  • Confirmation Notification: Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation notification confirming your successful Telkom data purchase.

Please note that the specific interface of mobile banking apps may vary among different banks. If you encounter any difficulties or variations in the process, consider contacting your bank’s customer service representatives for assistance. 

Additionally, some mobile banking apps offer the option to purchase airtime and convert it into internet bundles, providing added flexibility for your data needs.

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Through Airtime Transfer

Telkom offers a convenient method to acquire Telkom data using airtime, a cost-effective alternative compared to data bundles from other networks. Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining Telkom data using your airtime:

  • Obtain a Telkom Airtime Voucher: Purchase a Telkom airtime voucher from a reputable vendor.
  • Load the Airtime Voucher: After obtaining the voucher, dial *188, followed by the voucher number, and conclude by adding a # symbol. Press the send button to finalize the transaction.
  • Convert Airtime to Data: With your airtime loaded, the next step is to convert it into data. Dial *180# to access the available options.
  • Select Your Preferred Data Bundle: Select the data bundle that aligns with your preferences from the provided options.
  • Confirm and Complete: After selecting, press the send button to confirm and complete the process.
  • Notification of Data Purchase: Upon successful completion, you will receive information confirming your Telkom data purchase.

This straightforward approach allows you to efficiently obtain Telkom data using airtime, enjoying both affordability and extended data validity. Telkom’s commitment to offering multiple data acquisition methods ensures flexibility for its customers. 

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How to buy telkom data in various ways

FAQs About Telkom Data Purchase

Below are commonly asked questions about buying telkom data and answers:

How Do I Buy Telkom Internet Bundles? 

Telkom offers a user-friendly Online Portal for purchasing internet bundles tailored to your needs based on your cell phone number.

Alternatively, you can use the new QR portal to acquire any bundle on your plan. Another option is to dial *180# to purchase your preferred bundles quickly and conveniently.

What is Telkom LTE Data?

Telkom’s LTE data, where LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, represents a cutting-edge high-speed wireless data standard known for its enhanced capacity.

This advancement translates to improved experiences in gaming, video, and music streaming, and app downloads. LTE represents the latest generation of mobile networks, offering substantial improvements over its predecessor, 3G.

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How Much is 1GB Telkom Data? 

Telkom offers a range of data bundles with varying capacities. Here are the prices for some of the commonly used data bundles:

  • 1 GB: R79
  • 1.5 GB: R99
  • 2 GB: R139
  • 3 GB: R199

How to Purchase Telkom Data Using Airtime

Telkom provides an economical and long-lasting option for data compared to other networks. To acquire Telkom data using airtime, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Telkom airtime voucher from a vendor.
  2. Dial *188, enter the voucher number and append a # symbol. Press send to load the airtime.
  3. After loading airtime, dial *180# to access options for converting it into data bundles.
  4. Select your preferred bundle and confirm by pressing send.
  5. You will receive a notification confirming your successful data purchase.

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How to Buy Telkom Data (Summary)

Purchasing Telkom data has never been more accessible and convenient. Telkom offers a range of methods to cater to diverse user preferences. Whether you use their user-friendly online portal, the innovative QR portal, or dial *180#, Telkom ensures a seamless experience for acquiring internet bundles. 

With competitive LTE data options and affordable prices, Telkom stands out as a top choice for data consumers. Plus, the ability to convert airtime into data further enhances flexibility. Stay connected with Telkom and enjoy the benefits of cost-effective data with extended validity.

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