Top 10 Free Crypto Mining Apps


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Top 10 Free Crypto Mining Apps

Which are the top free crypto mining apps? In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, mining remains a fundamental process for securing and validating transactions on blockchain networks. As the popularity of digital currencies continues to soar, enthusiasts and miners seek efficient tools to streamline their mining endeavors. 

Cryptocurrency mining, a process utilizing computational power to validate transactions and generate new coins on a blockchain network, proves both lucrative and demanding in terms of resources like electricity, hardware, and software. 

However, navigating this terrain has become more accessible with the advent of free crypto mining apps that facilitate mining without an initial investment.

Leveraging cloud mining, these apps enable users to employ the hashing power of remote servers for cryptocurrency mining, transforming smartphones or computers into mining tools. 

This not only broadens participation in mining activities but also mitigates the need for substantial upfront costs typically associated with traditional mining setups.

In this context, exploring the 10 best free crypto mining apps becomes essential for individuals eager to optimize their mining operations. Join us as we uncover the tools that stand out in enhancing the mining experience.

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What are Crypto Mining Apps?

Crypto mining apps leverages computer hardware to manage blockchain processes, particularly in Bitcoin operations. The process involves solving intricate mathematical puzzles, demanding expensive hardware and substantial electricity consumption. Miners earn newly created Bitcoins as a reward upon successfully solving these puzzles.

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So, how does crypto mining apps operate?

How Crypto Mining Apps Operate

  1. Powerful Hardware Resources: Successful mining requires robust hardware, such as GPUs with advanced graphic cards, ASICS, or FPGAs.
  2. E-wallets: E-wallets are essential for storing mining rewards in cryptocurrency, simplifying transfers and receipts.
  3. Pool or Solo Mining: Users can choose between pool or solo mining; the former was introduced for the ease it provides compared to the challenges of solo mining.
  4. Initiating the Mining Process: Once the setup is complete, users can start solving mathematical puzzles to earn rewards.

Free crypto mining apps are accessible across Android, iOS, Windows, and other operating systems. Legitimate options for Android include Storm Gain and Hashshiny.

Profitability of Bitcoin Mining in 2024

Despite challenges, trends of Bitcoin mining projects profitability in 2024. Miners currently receive approximately 6.25 Bitcoins per transaction block. 

Successful mining, however, requires investment in expensive hardware and reliable mining platforms due to increasing complexity. Our review identifies Kyrptex, PEGA Pool, Storm Gain, Binance, and ECOS as some of the best crypto mining apps.

Top 10 Best free Crypto Mining Apps

Below is our curated list of the best free crypto mining apps:

1. CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser stands out as a free, lightweight browser that integrates additional functionality for Bitcoin mining, offering users a customizable and efficient browsing experience. With thousands of available extensions, users can tailor the browser to their preferences while seamlessly engaging in Bitcoin mining activities.

While solo mining presents opportunities for earning Bitcoin, CryptoTab’s most effective avenue lies in building a well-developed mining network. The strategy involves attracting a substantial number of referrals, positioning users to reap significant monthly rewards, potentially reaching hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

CryptoTab ensures flexibility and accessibility by allowing users to withdraw their mined cryptocurrency without any fees and at their convenience. The minimum transferable amount is impressively low at just 0.00001 BTC, providing users with the freedom to manage their earnings with ease.

Initiating CryptoTab is a straightforward process. Users need to download and install the CryptoTab Browser, create an account, and navigate the internet as usual. The built-in mining algorithm operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring users are rewarded in BTC while conducting their regular online activities.

CryptoTab Browser goes beyond conventional mining approaches with its built-in mining algorithm. The Cloud.Boost feature takes mining efficiency to new heights, allowing users to multiply their mining speed on existing hardware by up to 15 times. This innovative approach enables users to maximize their earnings and make the most of their computer’s resources.

2. Hashshiny

HashShiny, a leading cloud mining platform, commands 1.5% of the global BTC hash rate, making it a prominent player in the cryptocurrency mining landscape. 

With a team of professionals from renowned dotcom companies, particularly boasting a robust R&D division, stands out for its technological prowess. The platform excels in cloud-based crypto mining solutions, leveraging cutting-edge deployment technology. 

Accepting payments in Bitcoin, Visa, Paypal, Maestro, and Union Pay, provides a user-friendly experience with features like auto-reinvest, daily withdrawals, two-factor verification, and the flexibility to switch mining pools based on profitability. 

Security is a priority, evident in cold storage for funds and daily database backups. The platform also offers a referral program and allows new users a free trial with a 5TH/s SHA-256 hash rate to assess mining profitability before making further commitments.

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3. StormGain

StormGain emerges as a comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet, catering to various needs such as storage, buying, selling, and trading of Bitcoin and Altcoins. Accessible on Android and iOS devices, the free StormGain app facilitates a user-friendly experience for enthusiasts. 

Manage your investment portfolio effortlessly, enjoying the security of transferring funds to your Bitcoin wallet for seamless transactions.

 Notably, StormGain offers unique passive income opportunities, allowing users to earn up to 8% by holding assets in their wallets, providing a risk-free transition from traditional investments. 

The platform also simplifies the withdrawal process and introduces crypto mining sessions, reinforcing its position as a secure and user-centric environment for digital currency activities.

  • Can I withdraw BTC from StormGain?

Yes, StormGain allows you to withdraw your funds, including BTC, to an existing crypto wallet. 

For a detailed overview of the cryptocurrencies eligible for withdrawal and the corresponding transfer commissions, you can conveniently access this information on the StormGain website or within the ‘Wallets’ section of the StormGain platform.

 This transparent approach ensures users have clear insights into the available options and associated costs when managing their Bitcoin transactions.


  • Very low minimum withdrawal from 0.001 BTC.
  • Daily payments. 
  • Wide range of contracts


  • Only BTC mining

4. Kryptex

Kryptex, a Windows-based software, offers users the opportunity to monetize their computer’s processing power. Through the amalgamation of thousands of machines, Kryptex engages in intricate distributed Bitcoin computations. 

The platform extends its services through mining pools, Kryptex OS, Kryptex Miner, Kryptex Pro, and various other offerings. Getting started with Kryptex is a seamless process. By simply downloading and running the application, users can initiate mining on their computers with just a few clicks.

 The software conducts a comprehensive hardware test, automatically identifies the most profitable coin, and commences the mining process, making it an accessible and user-friendly solution for those looking to engage in cryptocurrency mining.

  • Does Kryptex Engage in Bitcoin Mining?

Kryptex Pool supports the mining of various cryptocurrencies, and users have the flexibility to receive payments in Bitcoin. This option is ideal for individuals looking to exchange their mined assets promptly into Bitcoin or for those utilizing Kryptex fiat payouts within the application.

  • What is the Minimum Withdrawal Threshold on Kryptex?

For Kryptex payouts, users have the choice to withdraw bitcoins or transfer funds directly to a bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount stands at $0.5, providing users with the convenience of accessing their earnings with a low threshold.


  • It pays in Ruble, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards


  • Cannot run the lite version on only 1 GPU

5. Binance

Exploring Binance’s expansive offerings, their cloud mining service emerges as a hassle-free solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As one of the world’s premier crypto exchanges, Binance extends its reach with a cloud mining option, eliminating the need for personal mining equipment.

The process involves renting hashing power from Binance’s mining farms via various plans, each requiring a nominal fee. This service, operated in collaboration with a third-party provider, offers users the opportunity to effortlessly mine a variety of cryptocurrencies without the burden of equipment maintenance.

The flexibility to choose mining contracts based on cryptocurrency, contract duration, and equipment hash rate adds a layer of customization. Monitoring earnings and performance becomes seamless through the user-friendly app interface. 

While Binance’s cloud mining service presents a convenient entry into the mining arena, prospective users should consider the specific terms and costs associated with their chosen mining contracts. 


  • It supports a range of cryptocurrency trading.


  • Unregulated.

6. PEGA Pool

Diving into the world of Bitcoin mining, PEGA Pool, a UK-based eco-friendly mining pool, stands out as a commendable choice for miners of all sizes. 

Offering a 1% fee for miners utilizing renewable energy and a 2% fee for those relying on non-renewable sources, PEGA Pool not only prioritizes sustainability but also takes a proactive step by planting trees to offset the carbon footprint of the latter. 

Impressively, the initiative has resulted in the planting of 222,671 trees, offsetting 5,930 tonnes of carbon. What caught my attention during my experience with was its user-friendly interface. With a clean design, the website ensures easy navigation for both novice and seasoned miners. 

The registration process is streamlined, and once logged in, users can effortlessly access vital information and tools. PEGA Pool’s commitment to sustainability, coupled with a user-centric platform, makes it a noteworthy option for those venturing into the realm of Bitcoin mining.


  • Part of fees used to offset carbon emissions by planting trees.
  • 1% fee for environmentally friendly miners.
  • FPPS payment.


  • Only Bitcoin mining is available at the moment. 


ECOS  is an all-encompassing platform, seamlessly integrating essential tools for managing digital assets. The ECOS app, a central hub for crypto enthusiasts, offers a range of features designed for both simplicity and safety. 

With a cloud mining contract, users can earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without the need for equipment purchase, utilizing the power of ECOS’s mining infrastructure. 

The app provides a specialized mining Bitcoin calculator to assess crypto investment profits, and a real-time crypto tracker allows users to monitor the mining process online. 

Notably, ECOS operates its own crypto mining farm, enabling users to buy and host Bitcoin miners directly from the app. The availability of top-tier equipment in their 24/7 managed data center enhances mining efficiency and facilitates tracking of the Bitcoin mining status. 

Since 2017, ECOS has leveraged direct electricity supply from the “Hrazdan TPP” and tax benefits in the Free Economic Zone, offering customers a lucrative avenue for crypto mining. In summary, ECOS stands out as a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for individuals navigating the complex landscape of digital asset management and Bitcoin mining.

8. Hashing24

Hashing24 proves itself as a robust platform offering users a quality mining experience with Bitfury, a prominent mining equipment manufacturer, as its power supplier. 

The platform’s flexibility shines through its diverse mining contracts, catering to a range of users from those starting with $20 per 100GH/s to premium contracts for industrial mining equipment rentals. 

Notably, users have the freedom to customize the time and volume of their contracts. Hashing24’s trading room adds an interesting dimension, allowing users to buy and sell hashing power through trade orders. 

While a 5% trading fee is levied from both sellers and buyers, totaling 10% after a deal closes, this ensures effective management of the service to meet customer needs. 

Serving as a hub for both buyers and sellers of mining hash power, Hashing24 fosters business relationships between users and third-party cloud mining companies. 

The platform’s inclusion of Demo mining is a thoughtful touch, enabling users to explore operations and make informed investment decisions. Operating with Bitfury’s mining data centers across multiple locations, Hashing24 aims to deliver optimal results. 

Their commitment to transparent communication, evident through social media updates in various languages, further enhances the user experience, making Hashing24 a notable player in the cloud mining arena.


  • Good technical support offered on a 24/7 basis.
  • A very less daily service charge of 0.033 USD or 0.00014 USD.


  • The only cryptocurrency you can mine is Bitcoin

9. NiceHash

NiceHash, a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency space, operates as a hash power broker and exchange, embodying a sharing economy approach. Acting as a bridge between sellers (cryptominers) and buyers of hashing power, NiceHash’s open marketplace facilitates a seamless connection.

 Sellers utilize the NiceHash mining software to link their hardware, including regular PCs or graphics cards, to NiceHash stratum servers. Through this process, sellers contribute their hashing power to the chosen mining pool of the buyer. 

In return, sellers receive payment in bitcoin for each valid share submitted, with the compensation determined by the real-time weighted average, providing an efficient and transparent mechanism for both buyers and sellers in the cryptocurrency mining landscape.


  • Very easy to understand platform.
  • Mining on autopilot is available.


  • BTC transfer fees is higher than competitors

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10. Hive OS

Hive OS, crafted upon the Linux distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, stands out as an operating system tailored for cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts. 

Designed with user convenience in mind, it furnishes a user-friendly interface for efficient GPU mining and rig management via a web interface. Positioned as a conditionally free operating system, Hive OS caters to diverse mining setups, supporting ASICS, GPU Rigs, and CPUs. 

Notably, it boasts its own pool while also offering compatibility with numerous other pools for Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining. This versatility, coupled with a seamless web interface, positions Hive OS as a noteworthy choice for those navigating the intricacies of cryptocurrency mining.


  • Prevents infection of the entire mining farm as is common in other miners.
  • Allows users to setup multi-user access


  • While on the pool, miners can only mine three cryptocurrencies

Free Crypto Mining Apps (Summary) 

In the realm of cryptocurrency mining, the landscape is navigated by powerful tools known as crypto mining apps. From our review, it’s evident that notable contenders in this space include Storm Gain and Hashshiny for Android users.

 These apps operate on the principles of leveraging robust hardware, utilizing e-wallets for secure storage, and providing options for pool or solo mining.

 Despite the challenges, Bitcoin mining remains a profitable venture in 2023, with platforms like Storm Gain, Kyrptex, PEGA Pool, Binance, and ECOS emerging as top players in the field. These free software options provide daily payouts, potentially allowing users to earn up to $70 monthly.

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