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The Top 10 Best Ai Writing Tools and Content Generators

Are you in search of the best Ai writing tools? In this quick review, we’ll share with you our recommended list of top performing writing Ai’s with their pros and cons.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a transformative force across numerous domains, and when it comes to writing, it’s no exception. A diverse range of AI-powered writing tools has emerged, offering the promise of streamlining and enhancing the writing process.

Individuals, brands and businesses have taken full advantage of a high-tech driven tool globally known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Global businesses are in a process of technological evolution and the online space is proving to be the most profitable market. 

From speech to text to full text editing apps, AI has made the business of writing easier for veteran writers and with idea generation apps, has raised the bar even higher for novice writers. We have also written about the top 10 best Ai image tools.

In my experience as a content creator and writer, particularly for various platforms such as blogs, social media, and more, I’ve discovered the top 10 best AI writing tools that have not only elevated the quality of my work but also increased efficiency. 

I’m excited to share these exceptional AI writing tools with you and demonstrate how they can be harnessed to boost your productivity and writing prowess. 

Top 10 Best AI Writing Tools & Content Generators

Below are our top picks for the best AI writing tools:

  • Jasper
  • Surfer SEO
  • Article Forge
  • Content At Scale
  • Copy Genius
  • Copy Monkey
  • SudoWrite
  • Write Sonic
  • Rytr
  • GSA Content Creator

1. Jasper Ai

best ai writing tools - Jasper ai
Jasper Ai

Jasper is virtually an all-rounder AI writing tool. From business efficiency tools to boosted clients interaction and satisfaction, Jasper does it all for businesses and brands. 

Its awesome features include an array of templates to select from and additionally, the ability to create a custom template particularly tailored to fulfil specific needs. It also allows a voice feature which gives users the flex of adding their own unique brand voices. 

Editing and proofreading are made even easier by Jasper. An SEO feature means an additional benefit of content optimization for users of Jasper. Despite all its numerous benefits, users may find Jasper’s greatest challenge to be its subscription cost. 


  • Jasper’s voice features serves as a great interactive audio tool and can impressively set the tone to suit the audience
  • It integrates Grammarly features which allows for proper editing
  • Users can choose to go with existing templates or generate their own custom templates due to project demands


  • With a starting monthly subscription of $59, Jasper could be overpriced for some intending users. 

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2. Surfer SEO

ai writing tools - Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

If you are in search of an AI tool which provides you with high ranking AI generated contents produced in multiple languages then, Surfer SEO is your go-to tool.

Just as the production process ends with the final consumers, blogging ends with the final users(audience). While it is important to create high quality contents, the need for high traffic cannot be ruled out and with Surfer SEO, users are guaranteed that. 

One big challenge of AI generated content is often plagiarism but with Surfer SEO, you have less to worry about in that regard. While there is a free plan, much more can be achieved with the paid plan, however expensive. 


  • Surfer SEO provides content optimization which is pertinent for generating high traffic
  • Contains editing tools and plagiarism checks
  • It gives an edge over competitors because of its ability to analyze the market for the performance of competitors
  • Unlike many AI writing tools, Surfer SEO has no limit on its word count


  • Similar to Jasper, Surfer SEO has a starting monthly subscription fee of $59 which could be overpriced for some users.
  • It does not allow a voice to text feature

3. Article Forge

ai content generators - Article Forge Ai
Article Forge

Have you ever slept through a journey but somehow arrived at your destination just because you were only a passenger and driven? I’m pretty sure we all have. Article Forge gives you that experience. It is one of the best Ai Writing tools.

Article Forge is what I call the autopilot of writing. Why? As a user, all you have to do is state a prompt using three commands: language, keywords and length. Sure, many AI writing tools do that too but Article Forge has an edge over most, all thanks to its automatic photos and videos generation and inclusion. 

One absolute benefit that users would find enticing is Article Forge’s payback policy. This means that if for any reason, users find their services unsatisfactory within a 30 days period of their first subscription, there would be a full refund. 


  • Automatic generation and integration of images, videos and hyperlinks into contents.
  • Cheap subscription cost


  • It is primarily suited to creating only long form contents

4. Content At Scale

Content at scale writing ai for bloggers
Content At Scale

Content At Scale is a powerful detection tool targeted at AI generated contents. It holds the crown as the first AI content tool to scale content without losing integrity.

It is best suited for long form contents and employs a human to AI detection scan. For writers looking to complete projects quickly without scrappy contents and for free without having to login, Content At Scale is definitely number one. 

A percentage-based score is used in measuring the detection of human generated contents to AI generated contents. A high score means that contents were human generated. The scan however, is limited to AI generated contents and does not check for plagiarism.


  •  Serves as an effective tool for checking the percentage of AI generated contents
  • It is user friendly


  • Monthly subscription fee begins at the high price of $250
  • It is not a plagiarism checker tool

5. Copy Genius

top ai writing tools - copy genius

If you think there is no such thing as a specialized AI writing tool, think again. Copy Genius, unlike many other AI writing tools, refuses to be a jack of all trades and probably, a master of none but has instead, established itself as a writer’s go-to AI tool for e-commerce.

Whether you are a writer for an individual doing business, a recognized brand or a large company, Copy Genius would greatly assist you in creating sales ad copies for blog posts and social media.

Copy Genius provides a host of templates to choose from and allow writers to select from over 100 languages of their choice. For novice writers or seasoned writers with a writer’s block, there is no better beginners e-commerce tool than Copy Genius.


  • Great tool for niche-specific writers of e-commerce
  • Its ability to create sales copy based on prompts makes it a great escape route from writer’s block
  • User friendly and cheap
  • The inclusion of an editing feature


  • While it is an advantage in its own way, its limitation to only e-commerce is a huge challenge for writers intending to switch between niches
  • Its free package offers only 500 words

6. Copy Monkey


If you are a writer looking to improve your product visibility on Amazon then, Copy Monkey is your go to platform. It has all it takes to let you shine. 

Beginning from an original text of yours, Copy Monkey will analyze the text you have given and look to improve the overall text structure and visibility performance by generating new keywords and phrases. You can then rewrite your text by going with their own suggestions.

Additionally, Copy Monkey incorporates A/B testing, making it possible for you to compare two different versions of contents with a view of ascertaining the better content of the duo. 


  • It is user friendly
  • It increases contents quality which can consequently lead to increased efficiency and profitability


  • It is limited to text and cannot analyze other forms of contents
  • It could be overpriced for some users

7. SudoWrite


If you are a writer who finds your happy place in the world of fiction then this is for you. Unlike our previously listed AI tools for writers, SudoWrite is specially made and designed to suit all your fiction writing needs.

SudoWrite is simply the fiction version of SudoWrite content writer. It is an effective tool for crafting plot outlines, brainstorming plot ideas and easily getting yourself out of a complicated plot twists. This could well be your golden goodbye to writer’s block.

This AI writing tool allows you to bring fictional stories to life by assisting you in developing the best characters and storylines. A Canva optimization feature allows an imagery representation away from texts.


  • It allows writers of fiction flow through projects without having to suffer the wall of writer’s block
  • It serves as a thoughts support tool for fiction writers during their brainstorming process


  • It is not a plagiarism checker tool

8. Write Sonic

WriteSonic ai for writing contents

If you’re a fan of animes then you’ll be familiar with Sonic the hedgehog movie where the storyline revolves around a really quick fictional character, Sonic; a hedgehog who can run at or above the speed of light and sound. Write Sonic brings you that. 

An AI tool for writers versed in the digital marketing niche, Write Sonic is a reliable tool for crafting ideas out of nothing and creating long form contents. It also has an inbuilt paraphrasing and summary tool.

For writers struggling with making contents that converts leads, Write Sonic proffers a solution and with its pros and cons generation feature, can easily cook up benefits and limitations about any given subject. 


  • It doubles as both an AI writing tool and an editor
  • It is not niche-specific and can be used to create any category of contents
  • It is cost friendly


  • It is a credit-based AI tool which can prove to be frustrating for bulk projects

9. Rytr

content writing ai - Rytr

With over 7 million users in the form of copywriters, marketers and enterpreneurs, Rytr is a AI content generation tool used globally and by renowned brands and writers. 

Rytr is a multipurpose package AI tool with its features inclusive but not limited to keyword generation and research, AI writing and editing. 

If you are a content writer looking for an AI tool for writing in your own unique tone then you will be glad to know that Rytr incorporates a plagiarism checker tool too.


  • It is suitable for creating your sales copy across all social media platforms and emails too.
  • It improves contents conversion due to its SEO tool
  • It is an AI image generator tool


  • It is limited to short form contents

10. GSA Content Creator

GSA content generator
GSA Content Generator

GSA Content Creator also known as GSA content generator is a powerful AI tool used in creating contents of every form; text, images and videos.

This AI allows you to manually integrate keywords yourself if you wish to but as an alternative, the system can automatically generate them. Also, contents can be saved and shared in any format. 

Additionally, it is an SEO tool which guarantees maximum content optimization. Contents can serve as a great means of converting organic leads.


  • It is user friendly
  • Integration of an SEO feature
  • Allows all forms of contents


  • It could be overpriced for some users

Frequently Asked Questions About Ai Writing Tools

Here are frequently asked questions and answers:

Which AI writers offer free plans?

There are several AI writers with free plans to choose from.,, Neuroflash, and Scalenut all provide impressive free plans that include a lifetime subscription with a monthly word limit.

Are there AI writers with a free trial period?

Yes, two excellent AI content generators, Jasper AI, and Growth Bar, offer 7-day free trials for users to explore their features.

Which AI writer can generate up to 10,000 words? 

Writesonic stands out as an exceptional AI writing software. Its free plan allows users to generate up to 10,000 words using the optimized GPT 3.5 platform, while its paid plans utilize the even more advanced GPT 4.14 for extended capabilities. 

Which are the Best Ai Writing Tools? (Summary) 

When it comes to selecting the best AI writing tool to supercharge your content creation, I wholeheartedly recommend Jasper. 

Jasper has consistently demonstrated its prowess in generating high-quality, contextually relevant, and engaging content. Its natural language understanding and creative writing abilities set it apart from the rest. 

By harnessing Jasper’s capabilities, you can unlock a world of possibilities for your writing projects, making it the ideal choice for those seeking top-tier AI-assisted writing experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your content with Jasper, your go-to AI writing companion.

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